Top cars to hire for Uganda self-drive safaris

Best safari vehicles for self drive in Uganda

Undeniably, Uganda is one of the top tourist havens in Africa. However much many tourists opt for guided safaris in Uganda, several other tourists take the self-drive option from the top cars to hire for Uganda self drive safaris. On a self-drive safari, you have the chance to commute in the country at your own pace since your own driver. We all know that Uganda is a 3rd world country therefore the traffic jam and terrain requires knowledge of how to maneuver around but this does not mean you can’t drive through. Car hire rentals Uganda Kampala offers you the chance to rent one of the best 4×4 self-drive safari vehicles to any of your desired destination in Uganda. Here are the top recommendable vehicles that a tourist can choose from;

4×4 Toyota Prado as one of the top cars to hire for Uganda self-drive safaris

Top cars to hire for Uganda self-drive safaris4×4 Toyota Prado is a leading vehicle for self-drive car rental in Uganda because of its great features like being spacious and comfortable. Suitable for luxury family travel, the 4×4 Toyota Prado includes cars in the category of Prado TX, Prado GX and Prado TZ. These safari vehicles accommodate up to 5 people and made comfortable with Air conditioner, first aid kit, cooler boxes and charging inverters.


The boot is spacious for luggage carriage and the pop-up roof is suitable for excellent wildlife viewing in any of the safari parks in the country. These cars also have the ability to reach the distant areas of national parks despite the nature of the roads there.

4×4 Toyota RAV4

top cars to hire for Uganda self drive safaris4×4 Toyota RAV4 is one of the popular safari vehicles for hire in Uganda especially for a small number of travelers from 2-4. The 4×4 Toyota RAV4 has an extremely low maintenance cost and gets excellent fuel mileage. For your luggage, the vehicle offers you just enough space for your luggage. Hired at an affordable price, you can maneuver using a 4×4 RAV4 in places close to Kampala no matter the kind of weather.


4×4 safari Super Custom

Top cars to hire for Uganda self-drive safarisIf your having a large group for a Uganda safari then the 4×4 safari super custom is the best option for you. These are suitable for family travel on vacations carrying up to 9 people with enough luggage space, Air conditioning, cooler box, first aid kit and charging inverters. The recent Super customs by car hire rentals Uganda have a pop-up roof for clear game viewing and photography.




Whether it’s a Uganda wildlife safari, gorilla trekking tour in Uganda or a Uganda birding tour, you can hire a 4×4 safari vehicle to any destination of your choice.

Self-drive vehicles are available in Uganda though for first time travelers its recommendable to go with a driver.

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