Tips on how to cheaply book a self-drive car for a Uganda safari

Tips on how to cheaply book a self-drive car for a Uganda safari

Everyone always wants to have a safari that is comfortable but still cheap or affordable no matter the reason for travel. Of recent many youths are traveling and out of curiosity and love for adventure, they are taking on self drive as the way to go. Self discovery is one of the ways to have the most of whatever you do and since we know of how much you need to travel in Uganda on your own we compiled Tips on how to cheaply book a self-drive car for a Uganda safari such that you don’t miss out.

Before we get to the first tip, good for you to know is that car hire fees vary from company to company but basically because of the type of the care, its condition or for how long it has been used, availability of a GPS and other factors like where the company fuels their cars. On the internet, you will find very many car hire or car rental companies but for whichever you choose here are confirmed tips on how to cheaply book a self-drive car for a Uganda safari;

  1. Always book yourself drive car in advance

Booking your Uganda safari car early gives you the chance to negotiate for a better car at a cheap cost compared to hiring at the last minute of your trip when you have no option but just take the car, that sounds ridiculous but yes it does happen. During desperate moments, the car rental agency can exploit you by telling you any price since they know you badly need the car, planning early will save you the burden of traveling in a car that isn’t of your choice.

When you plan the trip and book a car early, you also have the chance to check out on several providers’ discounts and yes you can get just the right car at a good cost.

  1. Compare the type of cars before payment

Every travel agency especially those that hire out cars for safaris in Uganda have a variety of cars that suit all kinds of safaris. Ensure to book a 4×4 safari vehicle for a Uganda wildlife safari because most of the national parks are up country the nearest being 255km away and the roads are rough. Even the gorilla trekking safari in Uganda destinations are in high altitude areas of the country and therefore ensure that you have a 4×4 land cruiser.

Make sure you know your destination properly if you have decided to make your own itinerary. The internet can be helpful on this such that you can choose exactly what suits your trip

  1. Check out for car hire companies with discounts

Many travel agencies always run discounts for some of their cars and therefore, taking up this opportunity is really saving.

Tips on how to cheaply book a self-drive car for a Uganda safari

Traveling during the low season

Now for the adventurous travelers who want to travel budget the secret is in traveling during the low season, yes you got it right. You may wonder why I say low season, during the peak season many tourists flock Uganda and you will find almost every safari park and tourist destination packed. That means the cars are also busy taking tourists to these destinations. So if you risk booking a car during this time you risk spending a lot since the car is on high demand and you might say the low season isn’t good but remember this is the Pearl of Africa that means no extreme whether conditions so no worries and by the way how about having the park all to yourself and enjoying the scenic views with a few of your friends without friends, doesn’t it sound cool!


Get rid of hidden costs, travel safe and at your convenience by booking just the right way and time.

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