Requirements for hiring a self-drive car

Hiring a car in Kampala is not any complicated because of the many tour operators that offer safari vehicles for hire. Hiring a car is one of the easiest ways to maneuver around the country for any reasons that a person needs to hire a vehicle. Many travel agencies offer qualified drivers and professional guides who you pay for an extra fee. In case of a safari to the any of the 10 national parks, planning to hire a vehicle with a professional guide is necessary since they have more knowledge about the destinations. Self-drive cars for hire in Uganda are offered by many tour operators but the process is not as the same as that of hiring a car with a driver, there requirements for hiring a self-drive car.

Requirement for hiring a seld-drive car

A land cruiser for hire in Uganda

General requirements for hiring a self-drive car

Payment for the car is a must before the car is handed over to person hiring the car. Prices for the cars differ since the price for 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda may have different prices from 4×4 safari tour vans for rent in Uganda. Each company offers different prices according to the quality of the car.

Expertise in driving is a key requirement. A valid driving permit is required for Ugandan nationals. For non-citizens, a driving license and passport are required. This is for professional business procedures.

National identification card is required by the person hiring the car. A Ugandan national identity card is required for Ugandans and any other identification for non-citizens.

Each single tour operator has a different rate and requirements  for hiring a self-drive car, these are general rules for guidance. In case of any enquiries contact a trusted tour operator to offer a quality car for your trip.

Hiring a self-drive car comes with a lot of  benefits and is pocket friendly, hire one today and save more than you expected.

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