How to get cheap cars for hire in Uganda Kampala

Forget about what you heard on how expensive hiring a good quality car is in Kampala. There are great deals on cars that are very good and so affordable. Cheap cars for hire in Uganda are what you need to know about and how about if that expensive car is what you want, make the price lesser by reading and doing this.

The car hire in Uganda prices depend on; the type of car, why the car is hired, what mileage the car is going to cover and when is the car being hired. Cheap cars for hire in Kampala range from the budget cars, land cruiser Tx, saloon cars, luxury cars, mini Vans, Buses, Rav4, Family travel cars, safari/game viewing vans, safari land cruisers and many more.

For all these cars for hire in Uganda, the prices fit the reasons for the hire, every price is worth it. The price attached to each vehicle for hire is because of the services that come with for instance the Air conditioner, inverter, a professional driver or tour guide (there’s a difference between the two).

To any location in Uganda, the safari vehicles for hire are the easiest way to reach you destination, they are comfortable and allow travelling at your pace.

cheap cars for hire in Uganda

Cheap safari vehicles for hire

Tips on how to make the car hire cost lesser

Take a driver if only there’s need, for Uganda wildlife safari tours to the national parks, a professional tour guide is a must if you really need to enjoy the trip. They are knowledgeable and help with all the information you could need on your safari. Self-drive cars for hire in Uganda are available so you can opt for that if its just a drive to allocation your familiar with. You just need to present your driving license.

Only hire a vehicle from a trusted tour operator. Why a tour operator? Their cars are regularly checked and reach international standards, they are reliable in case of any emergencies in the field, since they have connections with various professional mechanics.

Choose a car that fits your safari, don’t be convinced to take a car that is not of your interest. In case you are a family of about 5 taking a luxury safari in Uganda, then a 4×4 land cruiser for hire is convenient. Hire a car that is just enough it won’t be useful paying for a car with 4 extra seats that means an increased rate.

Plan your trip right. Don’t hire a car at a rush hour, plan early such that your car goes under different mechanical checks before the day you will have to take it. Plan your time well to avoid things like only two hours the next day, you will be charged a full day fee.

To avoid getting stuck along the way or get cheated at the petrol stations, you can pay the fuel price to the company such that they fill your car with fuel from trusted companies. They will always be at your rescue when your stuck so you have back up.

Hire a car in a low season. There are seasons when there is high demand of cars for hire like in the festive and dry seasons. If possible, hire the car before or after these seasons.

Still wondering how to lessen that car hire price? That isn’t right all the tips here are the solution you need, don’t get scared of travelling with comfort you will definitely love it.


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