Cheap 4×4 car hire in Kampala

Worry less on how to get around in Uganda, cheap 4×4 car hire in Kampala is the easiest and fastest solution to all your travel needs. You don’t need to buy a car overnight for that 1 day Kampala city tour or just getting around in Kampala or even to other destinations in Uganda. Hire a car in Kampala and cruise to any of your desired destination in Uganda either with a professional driver or by self-drive. Here are different kinds of 4×4 safari vehicles for hire that you can rent for a tour in Uganda.

cheap 4x4 car hire in Kampala

A 4×4 safari land cruiser has the ability to maneuver across the Ugandan terrain during any season of the year. This extended land cruiser is suitable for travel to safari parks especially by small families since it has enough space, comfortable seats and a pop-up roof for clear viewing.



cheap 4x4 car hire in Kampala

4×4 safari vans are customized vans for rent in Uganda with capacity to reach far destinations. Safari vans have the capacity to climb steep hills and feature a pop-up roof for clear game viewing. This is suitable for a group of about 9 people with enough space for luggage, Air conditioning, battery re-charging, first aid kit and comfortable seating area.



The 4×4 safari super custom is almost similar to the safari vans but the super custom has a seating capacity of 5 people with spongy comfortable seats. 4×4 safari super customs feature a pop-up roof, clear windows, battery re-charging facilities plus Air conditioning and can maneuver Uganda’s terrain.

You can also hire a RAV4 or saloon cars for business or luxury drives within Kampala.

Tips for cheap 4×4 car hire in Kampala

Hiring a car for your travel in Uganda could seem to be expensive only if you don’t have an idea on how to lessen the expense, here are some tips;

In case you are well conversant with your destination, take a self-drive car for hire in Uganda. This means you won’t have to incur the cost for a driver each day. If it’s a safari to a national park, you need a professional driver guide for information on the different wildlife species.

Plan your trip right. Don’t hire a car at a rush hour, plan early such that your car goes under different mechanical checks before the day you will have to take it. Plan your time well to avoid things like only two hours the next day, you will be charged a full day fee.

Always hire a car from a trusted travel agency/tour operator since safety with their cars is much more guaranteed. Their cars are regularly checked and reach international standards, they are reliable in case of any emergencies in the field, since they have connections with various professional mechanics.

Always choose just the right car. The tour operator can always advise on the type of car that is fit for your trip and this advise is useful.

To avoid getting stuck along the way or get cheated at the petrol stations, you can pay the fuel price to the company such that they fill your car with fuel from trusted companies. They will always be at your rescue when you are stuck so you have back up.

You now have all the ideas on how to get cheap 4×4 car hire in Kampala so hustle no more and hire a car for your next tour.

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