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Uganda is not only rich in nature and wildlife, but also has unexploited, enchanting, cultural heritage and community attractions as well as experiences distributed in different parts of Uganda. Many regions in Uganda have kingdoms including Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro and Toro. Ugandans are remarkably hospitable and hail from a diversity of rich cultures and life styles. Each tribe has its own traditional dance; The banyankole perform their Kitagururo dance, the Banyoro have their Runyege , Acholi have the Bwora and Otole dances . The Alur people from the West Nile have the traditional Agwal dance, Bagisu have the Imbalu dance during circumcision ceremonies. Therefore, when planning a trip to Uganda be sure to visit these pearls to experience real cultural encounters that will be an inspiring and memorable experience in addition to your Ugandan wildlife safari. Cultural and community encounters include drumming performances and lessons, village walks, medicinal plant demonstrations, handcraft workshops and shopping, community-run accommodations and restaurants.
Note that our cultural tours give you the chance to explore the real Africa and learn about the wide, enchanting culture of the different tribes in Uganda.


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