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Uganda safari Self-drive car hire

Uganda safari Self-drive car hire Car hire rentals Uganda Kampala is ready to offer their clients opportunity to visit Uganda in their comfort and style whether it is a luxury, standard or budget Uganda safari. We have experienced drivers, driver guides and exclusive safari vehicles to take with you on your trip in Uganda. For […]

5 important tips for Uganda safari self-drive car hire/Affordable self-drive cars for hire in Uganda

Many youth travelers are getting it adventurous to seek adventure on their own and if you are looking to this, you need to know the right things to do for your safari. Don’t be worried, keep safe behind the wheel with these 5 important tips for Uganda safari self-drive car hire and have the adventure. […]

Driving guidelines for self drive tourists in Uganda

With the zeal for self discovered adventures by many youths on Uganda safaris, many have opted for self drive safaris through the country a reason as to why we are here to give you driving guidelines for self drive tourists in Uganda. Depending on the season, the roads in Uganda are fairly good within all […]

Self drive car hire for safari in Uganda

Those seeking the freedom and excitement of Self drive tours always wonder whether it is safe and a good idea to go for Self drive car hire for safari in Uganda. To drive your own adventure is definitely a great choice you can make for your trip and car hire rentals Uganda Kampala take the […]

Best Uganda Safari vehicles for the festive season

With the sun getting brighter and the winds getting warm, Africa is definitely welcoming it’s warm green Christmas season, a time perfect for an African safari. A Uganda safari holiday should be one of every passionate travelers’ wish list for life’s greatest adventures. Having fun in the fresh air can be amazing and with a […]

Cheap 4×4 car hire in Kampala

Worry less on how to get around in Uganda, cheap 4×4 car hire in Kampala is the easiest and fastest solution to all your travel needs. You don’t need to buy a car overnight for that 1 day Kampala city tour or just getting around in Kampala or even to other destinations in Uganda. Hire […]

Cheap Cars for Hire in Kampala Uganda

For the great beauty in the country cheap cars for hire in Kampala help with getting around during Uganda Safaris. Tourism numbers are consistently increasing because of the irresistible attractions in Uganda and transportation just got better with the comfortable 4×4 safari vehicles for rent in Uganda. Prime Safaris and tours Ltd however, hasn’t ignored […]

Cheap self-drive cars for hire in Uganda

Looking for  cheap self drive cars for hire  in Uganda? All kinds of cars for self-drive are available in Uganda. Self-drive is possible in Uganda as long as you follow the terms and conditions, it allows you to commute at your own pace and stop at your will. Car hire rentals Uganda Kampala is one […]

Cars for hire that support large travel groups in Uganda

Comfortable cars for group travel in Uganda In a country with a medley of wonders, there’s always need to travel in search of these treasures. Uganda safaris never get better than when they are planned in bigger groups, the fun becomes bigger and better. When you travel in a group, the journey seems to be […]

Best safari vehicles to hire for a 1-day safari in Uganda

The best way to have a memorable safari is by hiring a safari vehicle from a trusted tour operator within Kampala. There several sorts of Uganda safaris that can be done however, for those who have just a single day to explore and have fun there’s an option of doing a 1-day safari. A 1-day […]

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